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San Diego’s Commercial Real Estate Recovery Continues

Elliot Feuerstein

Elliot Feuerstein is a well-established San Diego real estate development professional. As an officer with the Mira Mesa Shopping Center, Elliot Feuerstein guides several retail center locations that have helped define the region’s development landscape over the past four decades.

A recent article in the San Diego Union brought focus to a commercial real estate recovery that is now entering its third year, with the outlook particularly positive for the office market. Both rental and vacancy rates have improved significantly and are expected to improve further through 2020. One major impetus is new tax laws that increase the attractiveness of commercial holdings through a combination of deductions and liberalized pass-through income treatment for investors.

With projects tending to get green-lighted once overall vacancy rates reach single-digit levels, a University of California, Los Angeles, report further describes an expected surge in major office projects over the next two years. An additional area that has a positive outlook for 2018 is industrial space, with the retail sector described as actively working through inventory issues.

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