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Pacific Northwest Consumers Favor Shopping In-Store over Online

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San Diego, CA resident Elliot Feuerstein is a developer of commercial real estate properties, specifically retail properties. An officer of Mira Mesa Shopping Center, Elliot Feuerstein is a member of the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC).

ICSC recently shared the results of a study that found that shoppers in the Pacific Northwest preferred shopping in stores over online. The study, conducted by researchers from Washington State University, surveyed 1,750 people aged 15 years and older residing in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho from Oct. 18-30, 2019.
Researchers found that 43 percent of consumers did most or all their shopping in stores. Only 17 percent of respondents said they did the majority of their shopping online. In addition, 68 percent said they preferred shopping in stores because could see and feel whatever they wanted to buy, while 44 percent said they got inspiration for gift ideas by walking through shopping aisles. Consumers also favored shopping in stores because of the in-person customer service they received.

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