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Three Ways to Give to the Jewish Community Foundation of San Diego

Elliot Feuerstein

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An established real estate executive, Elliot Feuerstein serves as an officer of Mira Mesa Shopping Center in San Diego, CA. Among his responsibilities as a real estate developer, he has brought on big-name tenants, such as Alpha Beta Market, Burger King, Bank of America, and California Republic Banks. To give back to the community, Elliot Feuerstein donates his time to charitable institutions, including the Jewish Community Foundation of San Diego, where he formerly served on its Board.

Dedicated to achieving charitable goals through community outreach, the Jewish Community Foundation awarded and/or facilitated more than $84 million in grants in fiscal year 2018. It currently manages more than $425 million in assets. Much of these were secured through donations. Here are three easy methods of donating to the organization:
- Automated payments. Connect your savings or checking account with the Jewish Community Foundation of San Diego to offer a recurring donation. Authorization forms are available on the website,
- Real estate. Assist worthy causes by donating residential or commercial real estate, a vacation home, or other form of real estate. Often, the donation avoids capital gains to maximize the property’s worth.
- Memorial fund. Honor the life of a loved one through a memorial fund, to which family members and friends can contribute donations.